Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rubik's Cube


I haven't been out skating in several days--and I'm not really missing it. I think I must be ill or something. Problem is, there is all the rest of the world to deal with. The trees, for instance, are blossoming into leaf right now. The air was sweet last night and smelt of the ocean, even though the ocean is thousands of miles away. I sat at the harbour and watched the sunset and a large fish jumped out of the water just in front of me. I can't make any headway with the Rubik's Cube I got from the Church rummage sale last week. Is it still possible to find the book that shows you the solution? Did Jesus really die for my sins, or was He just trying to be free? Show me the brain that first divided the world into factions.


einstien's brain said...

Jesus died in the process of pointing the way to freedom for others. In this sense you could say that He died so that we could be free.

hooked on dogma said...

if you are trying to make us feel guilty, then why don't you stand on the corner with a megaphone. at least then you would get some fresh air.

em said...

Jesus died because somebody killed him. I think if he'd really wanted to make a statement he could have lived to old age and died naturaly. Or maybe, since he could cure all ill's he could live for a long long time thus "living" for our sins.

But then what would Goth's wear around their necks today, silver old men?