Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jim Beem me out of here

"Whiskey whiskey,
  Nancy whiskey.
  whiskey whiskey,
  Nancy oh!"

During the peak of my skating times I didn’t drink alcohol or coffee.
I tended to live on adrenaline, grapefruit juice and the occasional tin of smurfagetti from 24hour variety stores.

Now I drink coffee not to stay awake but to motivate me to work.
I drink beer or whiskey to shut my brain up long enough for me to get some sleep.

When did it happen?How did I change?
Bah, it doesn’t matter now.
What matters is that I met an alien.

Doubt if it makes you feel superior, the way I never thought life would change me this way.
This alien I met when I was 7 years old, at night, in a play ground that backed against a garage. The grey chain-link fence was lined by a cedar hedge that I could hide in.

He –I’m pretty sure it was a guy- had long strait hair and a jean jacket.
He pointed out the star system he came from. Something attached to the big dipper. He told me I could call him...

Is it too late to call?
Can I even remember which star it was? If he did come, what would I say?

“Umm, thanks for coming. I didn’t really believe that you would.”

“No problem.”

“So yah. Can you like, beem me out of here or something?”

“Sure, but there’s no booze or coffee where we’re going.”

“That will be just fine.”


~yah I was drunk when I wrote this~

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