Sunday, May 29, 2005

Amazonian Prophecies, Book 5:12


Princess Diana sat on a stone by the waterside, the waters of the Pacific lapping at her ankles. She had left the capitol city of Amazonia, with all its pleasures, to spend some time of quiet reflection by the ocean. She was thinking about Steve. Why did he have to be so secretive about everything? He could have been up front about his involvement with the Jade Brotherhood. He could have told her, of all people.

Granted, she was Chief Secretary of the Justice League, but there are some bonds that run deeper than national security--deeper, even, than her sense of duty to America's first assembled super hero team. Diana fingered lenghts of her Magic Lasso as if it were a strand of worry beads. He had let her find out in the worst possible way: in the middle of a frenzied battle high above the city of Metropolis on the Brotherhood's zeppelin fortress. The Brotherhood had given them quite a time, but what a surprise when she finally went to unmask the one known as the Turquoise Turbine, only to find Steve's baby blue eyes staring back at her! What was she supposed to have done? She had no choice but to apprehend him with the rest of the scoundrels. And now he was safely behind energy bars, in a holding cell deep beneath Devil's Island.

At least she knew where he was. She had been tempted to use her Lasso on him months ago, when, after their third date, the enigmatic evasions he gave to her queries about his past started giving her pause. She had decided, though, that using her super powers to force the truth out of him was no way to build a trusting relationship. Her suspicions, it turned out, had been warranted. But she knew in her heart that he wasn't truly evil--maybe a little hot headed, and definitely misguided in his loyalties--but she had seen a vulnerability in his eyes that had made her want to break through his defenses (much like the Justice League had broken through the vault door of the Brotherhood's command station). He could be just like a little child sometimes, and she wanted to protect him--even from himself.

But now, everything was tangled up. More than just an ocean separated the two of them; the organizations they were working for were sworn enemies. She felt that she could still save him, but she would have to change her tactics. He had crossed a certain line, and courses of action that were out of the question before were now becoming necessities. If she could only bring him back to her homeland, she could make use of the facilities at Transformation Island to bring about a change in Steve. Hadn't the Amazonian Kingdom made the rehabilitation of the male species its mandate (pardon the pun) for millennia? Surely her people could do much more for Steve than the crude--by Amazonian standards--correctional practices utilized by western culture at this leg of its development.

Yes, she could save Steve--but it would require an operation that would certainly be seen as criminal in the eyes of the world. Even though it would mean betraying the trust of her employers, the American people, and jeopardizing her position as the head of the JLA, she would have to break into the Devil's Island facility. Steve needed her, and she would be useless to God or woman until he was safely in her care.


em said...

AHHHHHHHHH! Steve get out of there man! Before it's to late!

Or maybe a little "nip'n tuck" would correct those deviant tendancies.

Great story!

fakie fun fact said...

William Moulton Marston, one of the co-creators of Wonder Woman in 1940, was also the creator of the systolic blood pressure test, an invention which led to the creation of the polygraph. "Because of his discovery, Marston was convinced that women were more honest and reliable than men".

Puts a new spin on the truth telling powers of Wonder Woman's magic lasso, doesn't it?