Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Message from the Unsponsored

Fakiegrind readers (all three of them -ed) should be warned that the blog seems to have been infiltrated by a stealthy and serruptitious ROGUE EDITOR who leaves snide comments (ouch! that hurt -Severin) under various editorial pseudonyms. I suppose I should stop telling my password to strangers on the subway, but until I manage to kick that nasty little habit (don't knock it until you try it -Splif) there doesn't seem much I can do about the matter. The Fakiegrind team is working on new firewall and password encrypting technology, but we have reason to believe that the roots of this problem go pretty deep. We could be talking about a government conspiracy, backed by the cattle farmer's union, to undermine skateblogs and make us appear as a bunch of illiterate thrill-seekers (easiest assignment of my career -Dr. Evil). So until we get the situation under control, please ignore all bracketed commentary (at your peril -Flash) and focus on the ever illuminating bons mots of officially sanctioned Fakiegrind transmissions (and eat ground beef, heartily and often -Ronald).


em said...

"eat ground beef, heartily and often" is my new catch fraze. I just can't help myself!

the shadow said...

two double burgers for two dollars, for a limited time only at the double arches