Saturday, April 16, 2005


It was summer warm today. I went to the skatepark and overdid it agian. Almost snapped my brand new Hogtown shop deck. I think the thing is a little old and dried out. The guy with dreadlocks whom everyone calls "Newfie" was there, and I skated with him a little because he likes the freestyle moves. Busted another shoelace practicing caspers. On my way home I stopped at a friend's house to pick up a cookie tray I had left there. I was in a rush to get home, and decided to try to skate over the railway tracks behind my can usually just pop the wheels over the grooves...but I must have been going too fast so I bailed. The cookie tray went clattering to the ground and I flipped onto my back while the B-ball players snickered from the nearby court. Luckily there were no trains coming. I guess I just like feeling like a ninja, or Jackie Chan. Doing my own stunts, no stand-in for landing. Running with the runts, grunts signal understanding. Like a future primitive, leaking rhymes like a sieve. Best wisdom to live is forget and forgive. Keep one eye on the prize and the other on the door. Jet streams dissect the skies while tremors shake the floor. When warm winds blow I'm given to roam. Most accidents, they say, happen closer to home.

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