Friday, March 25, 2005

You Know?

You know how it is when the sun comes out and melts all the snow off of your street, so you go for a walk down to the harbour, and the ice has half melted off the bay, and right where the water meets the still melting sheet of ice it sounds like a thousand ice cubes are jingling in a thousand martinis and you think you might even see some fish deep down in the cold black water, but you know it's just your imagination playing tricks on you; and you have the flu but the sun is still somewhat in the sky, so you walk home to pick up your skate and head down to the park where the long winter has made you forget about the poser BMX dudes who like to pump the stereo in their car so loud that it's rattling your bowels, and you skate around a little bit, dizzy and feeling drunk off all the anti-bodies in your system, coughing up phlegm with your heart pounding away like a cardiac patient; but you keep skating and more and more kids show up, making you realize just how old you have become, but you can still kick ass with moves that no one has seen except maybe on some old video they put on for kicks at the local skateshop; and you win your first game of SKATE ever, because instead of trying to do all the heelflip variations that the kids are throwing, you leave them all in the dust with an airwalk, shove to manuel, frontside heli-pop and then the killer backside heli, and nobody even knows what the hell you just did or what it's called; and then you keep on going until you are sure that you will need a knee and hip replacement just to make it home, and the sun is going down past the silhouettes of downtown buildings painting everything in shades of grey and mauve, and you are glad to just be alive even though everything is hopelessly screwed up and you haven't got the faintest clue what it all means or where it's supposed to be going?

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