Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Patience, Grasshopper

Lately I've been waking up and hobbling around on my sore knees thinking how I don't have to go out skating if I don't want to; I can just let it go, ease myself into middle age and try to regenerate some cartelidge where it counts. Then ol' Kill-Joy will send me an inspirational message and I'll think, "Dang, he's right! Skating isn't just a way to make yourself unfit for military duty, it's a whole way of life, a spiritual survival mechanism and sacred brother/sisterhood; a disorganized religion for the undogmatically minded; a rolling life preserver for the soul." And then I flip through an issue of Slap magazine that I keep which features Og DeSousa, a Brazilian shredder who kicks ass despite the fact that he can't use his legs. The artical has several photospreads of Og doing noseblunts, bs tails, kick(palm)flips, and a 13 stair railgrind -all of which he does by grabbing the tail and nose and holding himself on the board with his big, burly arms. He says, near the end of the article:

"Skate na veia! 'Skateboarding in your veins.' Think about feeling good, try to do what you like. That's the real pleasure -to do what you like, do it good, try to improve yourself. Never quit and be patient. Skateboard because you like it and not because you have to make money."

There's never been much danger of me making money at skateboarding, but the rest of the advice seems pretty good. Especially the part about being patient. How long does it take to master a trick? I've been trying caspars for years and I still don't have them wired. What I have now in troubled middle age, though, more than in my troubled youth is patience and that has improved my technique considerably.

peace out!


kill-joy said...

I just had the greatest skate. It's been raining on and off since early yesterday, so this morning I started the day with dvds rather than real rolling. As always, I felt very inspired, after my fill of visual stimuli it was still wet, so I headed to get coffee and to the news agent to check out the latest in periodical publications. On a whim I headed to the skatepark, even though it was still sprinkling. Upon arrival, there was no rain, but damp concrete and puddles. On I went to the public toilet, after an extra long poo I heard the sound of rolling wheels. Still patches of wet, but definately skateble. Wiped the box and flat railing to make them grind/slidable, then warmed up with some straight up rolling. Up, over, and around everything in sight. I had a great insight into my skate situation as this rolling was taking place. One of my biggest mental dilemas in the past # of years has been the lack of consistent companions for my skateboarding endevors. I travel so often and rarely stay in one place more than a few months, so I'm often the new guy at the park or street spot. I've found this underlying feeling of needing to prove myself to fit in with the locals or show that I can actually skate well or whatever. It is definately a subtle thought pattern, but one that has held me back form enjoying the pure act of skating itself. I still want to push myself and progress, but it is something I want for myself, not to prove anything to anyone else. Above all else, this getting older thing and moving about has really showed me more of mySelf and why it is that I do this skate thing anyway. It is something that I really love and it stell brings me a great deal of joy.

flatlander said...

I had this great skate buddy at the Victoria park, until he took off to Austrailia or something. Lately I've been enjoying skating alone, because I'm less likely to hurt myself trying to show off.