Sunday, March 13, 2005


OK. Today I went out skating again. First I shovelled the layer of snow and slush off half the B-ball court. If it gets a couple good hours of sunlight tomorrow that asphalt will be as dry and smooth as Mr. T's buttcheeks. Chances are it will snow again tonight but you never know.

After shovelling I found a dry stretch of road beside the Beer factory. There was some occasional traffic but nothing too bad. It felt pretty good to roll again and thanks to swimming I didn't pull any muscles. There were some Canada geese hanging around on the snowy field across from the beer tanks. Sadly, I was drinking water. Kickflips over a flat manhole cover were fun. I've never really tried going for distance before.


kill-joy said...

There official title is Canada Geese, they are Canadian too, but, well you get it, eh mate?

kill-joy said...

sorry if I'm to crititical of your writeing. not trying to be a dikc.

flatlander said...

No sweat. I appreciate the feadbak!