Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Have Stolen the Codes!

Happy T. Fluke here, photocopy repairman extraordinaire, ex-Fakiegrind administrator and part-time pirate of the timestream.

I just wanted to let people know that I have stolen the Access Codes to the Fakiegrind mainframe. Those doleful dullards at Dept. H may have captured Fakiegrind World Headquarters, appropriated my Pleasure Dome and de-activated my army of remote control photocopier machines, but I can still make my presence felt where it counts: on the pages of one of the most-read skateboard blogs in blogdom.

I also wanted to say that that last poem by Flatlander had all the lackluster tepidity of a sink full of last night's dishwater. Might I suggest a new hobby, like knitting tiny sweaters for your action figure collection? Oh, I almost forgot! I sold all your action figures on eBay during my stint as Administrator. Well, have fun dusting out the (now empty) Vaults of Oldness.

Behold! The pilliaged Vaults.

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!

(I'm not actually evil, it's just a distortion of my nature due to repeated exposure to photocopier radiation.)

Remember: if it's a good photocopier, it's gotta be a Fluke!


jin said...

Happy isn't really happy
In fact he's pretty sappy
I actually liked flatlanders words
and his photographs of birds
Happy your karma will come after you
bad things will stick forever like glue.

mizfit said...

AAARGGghhh!!! will da horrors ever end?

Gyrobo said...

How long have you waited to use that line?!

It's a fluke! A fluke! I get it... a thousand times over! Ha ha ha! What fun!