Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Message from The Fluke

I wish I knew who was leaving all the anonymous messages on my posts, so I could release the Hounds of Time on them, removing them from history for good. But regardless of my detractors, there is little that can stop my plans at this stage. Soon I will own the internet, and all ye bloggers will have to pay Me, Happy T. Fluke, for your ill communications!

How, you might ask, did I afford the significant new defense shields to Fakiegrind World Headquarters, and the high-tech timestream gadgetry currently at my disposal? It's quite simple actually. I liquidated Flatlander's vintage action figure collection on eBay, and diverted the funds from Paypal directly into the Blogland Security budget. Now, all those tiny plastic guns, cannons and soldiers have been turned into a terribly real and powerful force to be reckoned with.

Dumpster? This is a T-4000 model Time Navigation Device!

Yes, I'm afraid this battleblog will be fully operational should any of those reprobate Agents show their faces again. And should Flatlander surface, through some ill-considered desire to regain control of his blog, I will have a little surprise in store for that slackardly stalwart.

He WILL bow to Happy T. Fluke!

This is H. T. Fluke, future Overlord and Master of Blogland, signing out.


jin said...

*jin bows down to Happy with crossed fingers behind her back*

Happy T. Fluke said...

Our spy satellites saw those crossed fingers--Hey! They saw that other gesture too!

Just you wait until I finish reading the owners manual on my new time machine.

em said...

"I sense a disturbance in the grind, as if millions of delaminating DSC boards were simultainiously rolled into traffic."

Gyrobo said...

I hesitate to opine, but I'm left with few options.