Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mark of the Fluke


Happy T. Fluke may have been banished to the timestreams by Steve Austen's efforts, but he left behind his calling card: a test sheet used by photocopy repair technicians the world over. I doubt we've heard the last from the scoundrel, but for now Fakiegrind World Headquarters has been returned to some semblance of normalcy.

The twenty foot tall sculpture of Fluke made out of coloured lard in the lobby has been dismantled (melted down for pancakes), and the carnivorous Astroturf has been deactivated. It will take some time to sort out what's left of the Vaults of Oldness and catalogue all the items that Fluke didn't sell on eBay to fund his megalomanic schemes.

And Dept. H has decided to reinstate Flatlander as Blog Administrator, at least for now while we sort out the mess. Fluke took with him all the access codes to the photocopiers, as well, and its going to take our codebreakers some time to have them up and running. It looks as though, the next time we hire a new administrator, we will have to devise a better Android Detection Test for the candidates--and maybe an extra terrestrial screening process too.


Bathroom Hippo said...

The Watcher and Robert Dole hijacked my blog!

jin said...

YAY! Flatlander's back!
He'll keep Fakiegrind on track!

mizfit said...

Welcome back Flatlander! ::extends plate for a pancake::