Saturday, June 24, 2006


I am The Watcher. For me past, present and future are as one. I have seen these things unfold, which will soon befall the blog known as Fakiegrind. But, truly, they have also already happened, for I am The Watcher.

In a secret bunker, somewhere in Mississauga:


"Steve, I've called you out of retirement because we need you for one last mission. Only someone with your special abilities could hope to accomplish what I'm about to ask. We have reason to believe that your old arch-foe, Maskatron, has resurfaced and is masquerading as the administrator of the skateboarding blog, Fakiegrind. He seems to be planning to take over the entire internet, and you have to stop him!"


"By the way, Steve, you're looking good--not a day over forty."


"Thanks Oscar. I'll take the mission. I was getting tired of sitting around watching Night Rider re-runs."

"Besides, I've been looking for an excuse to try out my new pair of bionic cross-trainers."

Meanwhile, at Fakiegrind World Headquarters, only those employees who have shown unquestioning loyalty to their Administrator remain.



And the one known as Happy T. Fluke takes refuge in his meditation chamber.


"You know what I love about burritos? You don't need a fork. Unless they're sloppily constructed--but soon I will put an end to such insolence for once and all! When I rule the internet, all burritos will be adequately rolled with premium-grade tortilla bread."

Suddenly, a warning knell is sounds in the communications room.


"Our spy satellites indicate a bionic entity heading our way!"

"Notify the Administrator!"

Upon receiving the intelligence, Happy T. Fluke dons his battle armour.


And sounds the alarm...


"We have the advantage. I will set a trap for the intruder! When he arrives in my inner sanctum, it will not be Happy T. Fluke whom my adversary discovers..."


"....but my ninja body guard!"




jin said...

I luv this post
maybe the most
can't wait to see
what'll come to be
Will Happy fall
or kill them all?!!?

Bathroom Hippo said...


We'll need a compass and ten thousand soldiers. I'll provide the funding...seeing how my blogshare money is over 40 million.

His Majesty said...

A ninja body guard?! Why didn't I think of that?!

mizfit said...

is there some universal joke that just when i begin to enjoy reading or watching something, it ends with ...To be continued? hmmmp....not fair!

em said...

"Look out Steve, it's a trap!"
Darn, I spilled my popcorn.

Omniscient Voice said...

Tune in next time for more spectacular comments on Fakiegrind!