Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fakiegrind Career Fair

Candidates have been filing through the offices of Fakiegrind World Headquarters in our campaign to find a new administrator for the site. We're overwhelmed at the sheer volume of people eager to take the reins of Blogland's only undercover skateboard intelligence agency.

An atmosphere of genial camaraderie flourishes in the staff room.

Of course, we have strict security protocols. All candidates must undergo a battery of psychological, physical and android detection exams. We don't want any Maskatrons infiltrating the organization and laying waste to the Vaults of Oldness.

The ladies at Human/Inhuman Resources go over some resum├ęs.

We've narrowed it down to a handful of promising candidates, and may announce the new Administrator later today. It's exciting to think that the future of blogging is being decided at this very moment, whilst you sip your morning coffee or recharge your solar/chemical internal batteries.

We're planning to take Fakiegrind in a bold new direction that will please shareholders and curious browsers alike, so stay tuned!


jin said...

***jin scoots to the edge of her seat nervous & excited***

Non-Xister said...

Hah! Fools. You will forget you read this comment, that your crushing defeat will be a complete surprise and thus all the sweeter. Now...


Gyrobo said...


Wha-? What happened? Was I just asleep?