Sunday, December 04, 2005

In a Past Life

With the threat of Maskatron, I need to reveal a secret about me. Before becoming a Fakigrind agent, I was previously a member of the Canadian Super Hero’s Association (C.S.H.A.) and was an associate of the Alpha Flight team. I can’t reveal much of my involvement with Alpha Flight, as it is all classified information, but I can tell you that I left the C.S.H.A years ago after having believed that the Maskatron 3000 had been destroyed. But it appears that he has returned in an upgraded form as Maskatron 5000. I believe he has come to set the score even with me. Though I left the Association, moved out of the country, it appears I haven’t been able to escape my past, and I have never been able to get away from the markings of my past life.


flatlander said...

We all have secrets, Rock-Steady. At lest we know you aren't Maskatron, since he doesn't have nipples.

So that narrows it down to:

Dr. Flavour



bunda said...

Nice tattoo, even nicer chest!
I was compelled to comment on it by my whatever is left of my neglected feminine instincts.

Michael said...

The marking of the Canadian Maple Leaf, the symbol of all Canadian Super Heroes.