Thursday, September 15, 2005

still old

finally had a decent skate session here in s.d. the 1st spot was a nicely lit parking garage at a shopping complex called fashion valley. i didn't feel very fashionable, but the embankment around the edge of the parking structure sure was fun, a little rough in spots which added to the challenge. the dudes i went with had a nice flat round railing too. we managed to skate for at least 30 minutes before the rent-a-mang gave us the oust. next we had a three vehicle convoy to another area with nice banked slappy curbs and knee high balls in front of target. i liked the balls, my trucks and wheels were slightly larger than the rest of the crew, so i was able to ollie onto the ball and roll over without hitting my kingpin. landed it second try, i was quite impressed with my oldness on even attempting the rollover. especially with my slightly rolled ankle from the early slappy attempts. the mang here was even quicker, well not too quick, but right there from the beginning. as he mulled around we skated, but then realized he was serious and we didn't want to upset him anymore, so we called it a night. it is nice and sunny here, but most of my skating is after dark considering my working schedule and the availability of terrain. thanks for keeping it old even when the rest of us have been vacationing from the grind.
undercover agent #16

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flatlander said...

Nice to hear that you're still rolling, Agent 16. Sounds like you have some rockin' spots there in S.D.

I've been laying off the wheels for the past few days, getting the gist of my new job.

Keep one step ahead of the mang, and stay old!