Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Note From the DFC

While Flatlander occasionally gets discouraged with the plight of the late night blogger, we just like to remind him from time to time who is wearing the coveralls around here. When it comes to Fakie endorsement, there is no publicity quite as good as bad publicity, and Fakiegrind has a contract to keep dissing our product until 2008. Who do you think is financially backing the high production values of the site, not to mention hosting the Fakie photo archives? No, you'll be hearing from the Flatlander again, after he's taken a few days for a mission re-evaluation and a programming update. Normally we just beam directives straight into his "brainchip" via Milk Satellite, but, due to interference from the recent heatwave, we've had to send a squadron of bovine commandos in to do the job personally. Fakiegrind should be up and running with new and improved punchlines early next month. 'Till then, enjoy ice cold milk, rear-view rolling and staying old!

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