Monday, June 13, 2005

More Wheels

We Wheelie Wike to Woll

I found Flatlander's old wheels today, stashed in a plastic bag at the back of a dresser drawer. As you can see from the photo, they measure in at just over 40 mm diameter--pretty small for a wheel, even by today's standards. Of course, they were probably at least 50 or 55 mm new. That leaves a good centimetre's worth of polyurythane deposited in a thin film over the streets of Steeltown and the various other locations that the Flatlander managed to visit on his sedentary slacker's travel budget (mostly this seems to have amounted to the occasional trip to Toronto to take in whatever car fumes were missing from his metal-laden respiratory diet). If I could only get a trace sample of the wheels he is riding now, we might be able to track him using nano-hound technology. I found an entry in F.L.'s journal that seems to relate to the wheels:

"Switched my tiny Almost wheels for the old Bullet 66's that Em gave me. They're more like bullet 55's now--which isn't bad for the 15 or so years of service that they've seen. After riding those rediculously small, chalky newschool rollers and hanging up on every little pebble, the vintage wheels are like riding on carpet. They don't blend the plastics like that anymore: grippy enough for carving, but hard enough to slide. I suddenly feel confident going down the hill beside the house; the old plastics are like mother's milk to me and I know just how they're going to behave. Skateboard wheels are like fine wines, you do well to seek out the older vintages, though they're difficult to find. And your pleasure in riding is enhanced by the knowledge that every slide and kick-turn brings you that much closer using up the wheel to the point of unridability."

Keep it rolling buddy! I'm glad you have some quality plastic between yourself and the dusty road.


em said...

there's time for cerial. Remember to rotate.

Plato's Grove said...

Rotate: re-arranging the placement of your wheels on the trucks to avoid coning and flat spots.

Also: to turn away from the delusional shadows of opinion and prejudice and behold the unwavering beacon of The Form of the Good.

Medusa said...

I filled out the Form of the Good (ref#14336753), but never heard back from anybody. Filled out the Form of the Bad, same story. Now all I'm left with is the Form of the Ugly, but I'm having difficulty with sub-section 886-2D: the "how many mirrors do you crack a week?" section. I'm just wondering, does turning folk to stone with my gaze count for anything?