Monday, June 13, 2005

He Lives!

Fakiegrind has received another message from Flatlander, this time in the form of a poem. He seems to have been skating in a parking lot near a body of water, but no more specific location markers are given. It is unclear whether the 'Steen mentioned in the first line is another skater, or a pet name for some kind of homemade, retro deck. Kyrptonics is a manufacturer of skateboard wheels--one of the oldest companies still in operation, and their large, soft wheels are much loved by older riders of the longboard set. The Bertleman and Cowper slides mentioned are both oldschool moves as well; often used by longboarders, they involve putting one's hands on the ground and pushing the board into a slide, either backside or frontside respectively. Whatever the locale and possible company he was in, it seems that Flatlander was getting back to the surfing roots of skateboarding, reliving an era when the sport wasn't so much about how many different tricks you could do, as how stylishly you could carve down the street without bailing off your deck.

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