Thursday, June 16, 2005

Friends of Fakiegrind

As de facto webmaster in Flatlander's absence, it would be nice to hear from some of the other members of Team Fakie. I know that in the thick of last week's heat wave I made some rash accusations that one of you might have secretly been a practicing Sith Lord (you could really use an airconditioner -Maytag guy), but the page is starting to get a kind of musty smell to it, and I fear that it has recently been turning into a crypt to the vanished Flatlander. The monolithic egoism of the twentieth century has been replaced by the post-modern voice symphony of the dawning Age of Aquarius, so why shouldn't we all just get along? Surely there is room enough for Sith Lords and Jedi, gnostics, agnostics and acrostics, skateboarders, record-hoarders, monastic orders, and neurotic disorders all within the unfolding web-experiment that is Fakiegrind.

As the e-mail I received for the M.I.T. study states, "Your weblog has been randomly selected as part of a small group among millions to represent the entire community of weblog authors" (I think bloggers are in deep trouble -global spillage). If there are any Fakie Agents out there who want to make their contribution to the dawning social science of "Weblog Studies" now is the time to make your voice heard!

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