Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fakiegrind to Help Advance Science

I don't check the Fakiegrind mailbox very often because we rarely seem to receive messages. Maybe people are sending us mail, but it ends up in the junk box and gets deleted after 24 hours without anybody seeing it. If you have poured your heart out only for it to have fallen upon deaf ears, we apologize. Also, if you have any questions to Ask Dr. Flavour, his formidable intellectual discernment and wit are apparently still available to Fakiegrinders with a thirst for knowledge--so please don't hesitate. But all in all, we recognize that part of the voyeuristic thrill of following a blog necessitates keeping a certain formal distance and level of anonymity, and that sending an e-mail might be a little too up-close-and-personal for most readers. Folks with anything to say generally do so on the comments pages, the community feel of which is part of the fun of blogland.

So I was surprised yesterday to have received a message from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saying that Fakiegrind had been randomly chosen to take part in an academic study investigating the role weblogs play in the lives of their authors:

"Does your weblog make you more connected to the rest of society? Does it increase your chances of getting a job or finding information that you are looking for? To answer these questions, which are very important to our research, we ask for your help."

This is pretty exciting. I was hoping to be flown out to some underground laboratory and subjected to strange radiations that would alter my genetic structure and unintentionally give me super powers, but it turns out to be only a fifteen minute web-based survey. I guess there's always the chance that UV rays from the computer monitor will transform my retinas and give me the ability to, say, surf the net with my eyes closed or something cool like that, but in the mean time I guess I'll hop on over and fill out the form. I'm not sure if I should mention Fakiegrind's subliminal bid for domination of world media franchises--the Flatlander wanted to keep that strictly hush hush.

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