Sunday, May 01, 2005


This blogging endeavour is starting to get a bit compulsive, but maybe I need that right now. Yesterday I was working on a new piece. It was almost done when I went to copy my work to the clipboard (another compulsive habit--in lieu of "save as draft" which takes too long), but instead of hitting command C for 'copy', I hit command V: paste. Earlier that day my friend must have been using the computer to search for kid's videos on Ebay, because my little slip of the index finger had the effect of replacing the entire blog entry with the word 'teletubbies'. I must have then panicked and hit some other function key, becaue I couldn't undo the operation, and the patient was lost.

Not to worry. My thoughts weren't so profound that I couldn't rework an approximation of them. I think the incident might have actaully been a message from Tubbyland that the Teletubbies are feeling left out of the Fakiegrind loop, so here's a shout out to the prismatic pear-shaped posse!

again! again!

here's a shout out to the prismatic pear


here's a shout

again! again! again!

out, prismatic pear!

OK, enough of that.

I hope those videos take their time in arriving, becasue that is what it is going to sound like around here when they do. I've been wondering: what's with those Orwellian speakerphones that are always popping up out of the AstroTurf in Tubbyland? And why do the 'Tubbies live in what looks to be the Barbapapa family's old house? What have they done with the original occupants? I'm beginning to wonder about the composition of that strange pudding that comes down the conveyor belt when it's 'Tubby snack time...

So, it turned out to be a very fine day here in southern Ontario, despite the weatherguy's predictions. I went to church, bought some records (the price went up from 25 to 50 cents a disk at the Goodwill), came back home, grabbed my skate and headed out to Beasley Park for a little R&R (Ramps & Radicality). The oldschoolers were out in force today, showing the younger pups how it's to be done. There is a great vibe at the Bease. Because it's an inner city park, there is a sense of social cohesion, and today there were about three generations of skaters riding together. Sure the older guys yell at the really young kids from time to time: when they are lollygagging in the bowl and about to get flattened by someone's line. But even though the park is in the middle of crackland, there is a feeling of security because people are watching out for each other. There is also some really great graffiti decorating the ramps, bowl and partitions. The art form has always been part of the Bease, but it has flourished since last summer when the director of the recreation centre next door gave permission for the dudes to throw up their tags. It's a demonstratable fact that if you ban graffiti from a skatepark, you will still get kids coming there with spray paint cans, but only to scrawl miserable little profanities or sickly tags (just look at the outdoor park in Victoria, BC). Better to open the floodgates and enjoy the ensuing deluge of fantastic colours.

I guess it's been a pretty good week for Fakiegrind. Kill-Joy's T-shirt campaign was a big success. Cases of Pepsi are still piling up here at Central Command, but poor KJ is high and dry, drinking homemade iced tea in the mountains of B.C.. Might be all for the better, as far as dental hygiene is concerned. The Newsletter thing was a little crazy. It's strange, because all of the focus groups we did beforehand on the idea came out positive. Maybe it's all in the delivery. The Rogue Editor has been keeping a low profile, but I doubt that our firewall will be able to keep him/her out for very long. Next week you can expect another episode of "Where Memes come to Die", a piece about "Who the Hell is Natas Kaupas?", whatever Kill Joy manages to brew up in his state of Pepsi withdrawl, and any other inanities that might pop into my head. Maybe something about high school. Yeah. Those were the days. I'm hoping to recruit the services of another Fakiegrind affiliate for that one, but he doesn't know it yet. Peace out!


kill-joy said...

I'm not adept enough at using these contraptions to hook-up th e cool link things, but cut and paste ,or better yet, to prevent any further catastrophes, just type it into the address window and check this game out. Make sure the little one is n't around, I wouldn't want to be responsible for scaring an innocent youth's fragile intellect. Endless Pees.

flatlander said...

Game rated "R" for "Repugnant" (but I've been wanting to do that to Barney for a long time).

Tomcat said...

Nice blog !